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Some Cherrywood Smoking Recipes



Smoking is a great way to infuse a lovely Smokey flavour into your foods. A smoker simply manages both the smoke and the temperature, so you don’t have to. Add your Sydney firewood to your BBQ add your chips to your smoker – set your temperature and your smoker takes care of all the rest. When cooking ribs using cherry fruitwood will give your meat a nice mild but sweet flavour, that compliments the rub and barbeque sauce.

Here are two quick and easy recipes using Cherrywood.
Smoked Cherry Wood Spare …

The History of The Texan BBQ

When you think of Texas, you probably think of loud cowboys, rodeos, oil wells, guns, ranches, and barbeques. Or maybe you think of Beyoncé, the state’s favourite ‘Texas Bama’. #Formation. Whichever way you sway, you can’t deny the power of Texas BBQ.

With the right tools, you can bring some of that Texas flavour right into your Aussie back yard. You’ll need some Sydney firewood and a well-made furnace. Let’s start with the basics. The four main styles of Texas BBQ are East, Central, West, and South. There’s also barbacoa Texan style, which is mainly mutton, roasted whole – in a …

Why We Stand by Qld Vintage Ironbark

Ironbark is the common name that has been given to a number of species in the Eucalyptus group. These trees generally have a dark, deeply furrowed bark. Rather than being shed annually as many other species of Eucalyptus do, the dead bark actually accumulates on the tree forming fissures. After drying out this dead bark becomes impregnated with KINO, which is a dark red tree sap that has been exuded by the tree. This bark becomes resistant to fire and heat and will protect the living tissues within the trunk of the tree – and its branches – from a …

Choosing The Right Firewood for Wood Fire Pizza Ovens

Pizza baked in clay ovens is one of life’s little pleasures. It has a crispy taste, delicious aroma, and gorgeously even browning. Open flames bring out the flavour in a way that no electric oven can match, and the outdoor dining experience is superb.

A big part of getting your pizza just right is to use the right kind of wood. You might not know where to start, in which case you can simply hire a firewood delivery company. Ample Firewood has been in this business for a while so we know exactly what type of wood you need, and we …

The Best Fruitwood for Smoking Different Meats

Smoking meat isn’t just about hanging it over a flaming barbecue. It’s a lot more intricate and takes a far longer period. To smoke meat, you drape it in a smoking chamber for anything from a few hours to half a day, usually half as long as you plan to cook it.

There are two kinds of smoking. Cold smoking uses temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees while hot smoking uses 70 to 80 degrees and produces meat that is ready to eat. Cold smokes last a few hours since they still contain some moisture, while hot smokes can stay fresh …

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