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Tips for smoking meats

Smoking meat started out as a food preservation measure. It was popular before electricity when the main way to stretch the safety window for meat was to cook it or salt it. Smoking worked better than both, because salted meat often had to be rinsed to get rid of excess salt, and smoking made the meat last longer than actual cooking.

Of course, smoking is a form of partial cooking. You can eat smoked meat as is or re-cook it some other way. It takes several hours to do it right, and the trick is to smoke your meat over embers …

The Biggest BBQ Comps Around The Globe

Want to know where to head for the best BBQ comps around the globe? Pack your bags and plot your trip – we’ve got the best of the best right here. Learn from the masters and sample the local delights.


The Biggest BBQ Comps Around The Globe

Blues and BBQ Festival, Port Macquarie, Australia
If you’re looking for one of the biggest BBQ competitions in the world, then you don’t even have to look past your backyard. Take a gander at the Blues and BBQ Competition that happens right here in Aus, in Port Macquarie. …

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