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The Best Fruitwood for Smoking Different Meats

Smoking meat isn’t just about hanging it over a flaming barbecue. It’s a lot more intricate and takes a far longer period. To smoke meat, you drape it in a smoking chamber for anything from a few hours to half a day, usually half as long as you plan to cook it.

There are two kinds of smoking. Cold smoking uses temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees while hot smoking uses 70 to 80 degrees and produces meat that is ready to eat. Cold smokes last a few hours since they still contain some moisture, while hot smokes can stay fresh …

Why We don’t Use Tree Lopper By-Products

The key to maximising profit in any business is to be efficient in how you use supplies. That’s probably why tree loppers sell by-products such as kindling and firewood. In case you’re unfamiliar with the cheap firewood Sydney scene, tree loppers are a popular source.

Tree loppers are professionals that you hire to get rid of offending foliage and tree life. If your neighbourhood tree gets too big and you need it chopped down, you call in a tree lopper.

Tree lopper services are necessary for many different situations. Maybe the tree is shedding leaves too frequently and it’s raising the bill …

Why Your Fire Needs Hardwood

If you’ve ever gone camping and built a fire, chances are you used softwood. Why? Because softwood trees make up about 80% of the earth’s forestry, so even if you weren’t actively seeking it out, you’re more likely to use it for kindling.

Softwood trees mature faster and are evergreen. They don’t shed their leaves during autumn and winter, so if you’re randomly naming the kinds of trees that you know, it’s likely that you’re listing softwoods.




Softwood and hardwood trees are named for their density. …

Why You can Rely on Us to Keep Your Fires Burning This Winter

In the old days, winter was a terrifying time. As much as we don’t get blizzards and snow in Australia, we still get the kind of chills that make us want to turn into bears and hibernate.

Unfortunately, being humans, we have to keep going, even when we’d rather curl up and sleep for three months. And in the old days, that meant looking for a dark, dry cave, gathering twigs, and starting up a fire.

Luckily for modern Australians, you don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to go out in the winter rain, struggling to differentiate hardwoods from …

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