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Why Choosing Firewood is An Artform

Lots of fairy tales talk about children going into the forest in search of firewood, and in many parts of the world, kids still do this as part of their daily chores. For most Aussies, firewood isn’t a primary fuel source (YET). We use them in artisanal boutiques, or to power wood heaters, home fireplaces, or wood fired pizza ovens.

If your firewood is for commercial use, you need a reliable, consistent supply. Here at Ample Firewood, we have a delivery service, and we are known for our reliable services and last-minute rescues so you never have to worry about running …

Calzone Recipes to Try in Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Most people who install a wood fired pizza oven do so with dreams of crispy-crusted pizzas topped with flavorful sauces and gooey, bubbling cheese that’s been browned to perfection. What you’ll discover once you get to know your pizza oven is that it is great for cooking a wide range of delicious dishes, including today’s focus: the calzone.

Calzones are an Italian “folded pizza” of sorts traditionally made from salted bread dough and stuffed with ricotta and parmesan cheese, egg, and ham or salami. You can feel free, however, to be creative with the filling for your calzones—pretty much anything you …

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