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Why We Are Obsessed with Our QLD Vintage Ironbark

As far as firewood goes, we can’t get enough of our QLD Vintage Ironbark Firewood. Not only is it a fantastic wood for camping, open fireplaces, combustion heaters, wood-fired ovens, and pizza ovens, but the living tree itself is quite interesting as well.

“Ironbark” is a common name for varieties of Eucalyptus trees that have thick, solid bark. Whereas most species of Eucalyptus shed their dead bark each year, Ironbark trees accumulate this dead bark onto the tree. The dead bark dries out, at which time the tree produces a dark red sap called Kino, which fills up the dry bark. …

Why People Are Turning to Wood Heating This Year

How do you heat your home in winter? Do you use a bar heater? An oil heater? Or your air-conditioning unit? There are a lot of benefits to using wood heating, and this is the reason why so many people are turning to using wood heating to keep their homes warm.

Warmer Heat – nothing will keep you as warm as a wood heater, think about it, fire has been used for warmth since the dawn of man.
Saves you money – when you think about it, how much do your electricity bills skyrocket during winter? Heating your home with a wood …

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