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Winter is Coming, and It’s Going to Be Fierce

Winter is coming.  Winter is coming to Australia as you’ve never seen it before. It has been reported that one of the coldest winters in recent history will hit Australia this June, so batten down the hatches, stock up on firewood, and get ready for an arctic tundra in your backyard! Experts argue that there will be snowfall in places that haven’t seen a flake of snow in a very long time… Don’t get caught out by the cold this winter and get ready, stock up on firewood to warm your innards and keep your home toasty warm all wintertime …

Why Woodfired Tastes Better

Many people will say that foods cooked in a woodfired oven simply taste better—but why is that so? Woodfired ovens date back nearly to the dawn of civilization, and in places like Italy, they are still very widely used to make the delicious pizzas and breads that Italy is renowned for. They must be on to something!

Today we’ll break down five factors that make foods cooked in a woodfired oven tastier than their conventional oven counterparts. We’ll focus on pizza here, but in reality, these factors apply to pretty much anything you cook in a woodfired oven. Before you read …

The Basics of Open Fire Cooking

It’s no secret that everything seems to taste a little bit better when cooked over an open fire. Here we’ll share some basic tips on how to make some delicious eats over a crackling open flame.
To successfully make a meal over an open flame, there are a few items you’ll want to be sure to have on hand.

Grate Grill

Perhaps the quickest and easiest method for open flame cooking is placing foods over an open flame in a grated grill. For this method, you’ll want to pick foods that will benefit from a nice char on the outside such as sweet …

Why We Are Obsessed with Our QLD Vintage Ironbark

As far as firewood goes, we can’t get enough of our QLD Vintage Ironbark Firewood. Not only is it a fantastic wood for camping, open fireplaces, combustion heaters, wood-fired ovens, and pizza ovens, but the living tree itself is quite interesting as well.

“Ironbark” is a common name for varieties of Eucalyptus trees that have thick, solid bark. Whereas most species of Eucalyptus shed their dead bark each year, Ironbark trees accumulate this dead bark onto the tree. The dead bark dries out, at which time the tree produces a dark red sap called Kino, which fills up the dry bark. …

Why People Are Turning to Wood Heating This Year

How do you heat your home in winter? Do you use a bar heater? An oil heater? Or your air-conditioning unit? There are a lot of benefits to using wood heating, and this is the reason why so many people are turning to using wood heating to keep their homes warm.

Warmer Heat – nothing will keep you as warm as a wood heater, think about it, fire has been used for warmth since the dawn of man.
Saves you money – when you think about it, how much do your electricity bills skyrocket during winter? Heating your home with a wood …

Why Choosing Firewood is An Artform

Lots of fairy tales talk about children going into the forest in search of firewood, and in many parts of the world, kids still do this as part of their daily chores. For most Aussies, firewood isn’t a primary fuel source (YET). We use them in artisanal boutiques, or to power wood heaters, home fireplaces, or wood fired pizza ovens.

If your firewood is for commercial use, you need a reliable, consistent supply. Here at Ample Firewood, we have a delivery service, and we are known for our reliable services and last-minute rescues so you never have to worry about running …

Calzone Recipes to Try in Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Most people who install a wood fired pizza oven do so with dreams of crispy-crusted pizzas topped with flavorful sauces and gooey, bubbling cheese that’s been browned to perfection. What you’ll discover once you get to know your pizza oven is that it is great for cooking a wide range of delicious dishes, including today’s focus: the calzone.

Calzones are an Italian “folded pizza” of sorts traditionally made from salted bread dough and stuffed with ricotta and parmesan cheese, egg, and ham or salami. You can feel free, however, to be creative with the filling for your calzones—pretty much anything you …

Smoking with Our Jam

The perfect barbecue is a balance of the right amount of smoke, delicious sauces, and the quality of the meat. As a result, the type of wood used is just as important as the cut of meat. When it comes to smoking meat, everyone has their recommendations, and it’s hard to choose the right bags of firewood. For heavier meats like beef, hardwood is the preferred choice while delicate meats like fish need lighter hardwood or fruitwood. Some people even toe the hard line that it’s not a real barbecue unless it’s done over Hickory, Post Oak, or Mesquite. This …

Sydney Restaurants and BBQ Caterers Rely on Ample

Reliability, quality, and timeliness. These are three things that our customers value most about our firewood as well as our service, and we are proud to keep it up #WEHAVETAKENOVER. For firewood in Sydney, we are the top choice for BBQ teams at prestigious events, we supply many of the best restaurants in Sydney, we are award-winning and proud of it. Our supply of firewood for commercial purposes is second to none – so come and discover what we have to offer at Ample Firewood.

Did you know that we have been in business for 23 years? You don’t have that …

All About the “Low And Slow” Phenomena

Looking for a new hobby, a new way to cook, something a little bit different to try out? If you’ve managed to stumble across this article, then you’re probably interested in learning how to smoke meats at home expertly. The Low and Slow phenomena is an integral part of learning how to cook meats to their delicious best and involves – yes – cooking them very slowly, over many hours, at a lower temperature.

Usually, when we are cooking on a stovetop or in an oven we are cooking for mere minutes, or a couple of hours at once. However, this …

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