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The wood-type that our company is most renowned for! Iron bark is a dense native Australian wood which provides a slow burn at a high temperature. It is recommended for all red meat cooking & is ideal to combine with lighter more aromatic woods.

The subtle smokey all-round flavour makes it a good choice to enhance the flavors of any BBQ meat.

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Ample Firewood

Delivering High-Grade Australian hardwood, Sydney wide 7 days a week. Residential to Commercial addresses providing stacking service at your request. Bulk orders and yard pick-up is also available for your convenience and we are located centrally to Sydney!

We take sourcing our firewood seriously. 100% of our firewood is sourced from reputable, certified sustainable suppliers. Processed, stored to dry then transported from Newcastle to our smaller depot in Homebush. Our High-Grade mix consists of Iron Bark,Yellow Box ,Red Gum and Blood Wood. NO tree loppers by-product as it is not up to our standards. Our firewood is hard wood, no soft wood available. We also stock Queensland vintage ironbark and double split Queensland vintage ironbark.

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