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Smoking with Our Jam

The perfect barbecue is a balance of the right amount of smoke, delicious sauces, and the quality of the meat. As a result, the type of wood used is just as important as the cut of meat. When it comes to smoking meat, everyone has their recommendations, and it’s hard to choose the right bags of firewood. For heavier meats like beef, hardwood is the preferred choice while delicate meats like fish need lighter hardwood or fruitwood. Some people even toe the hard line that it’s not a real barbecue unless it’s done over Hickory, Post Oak, or Mesquite. This begs the question what is the best wood for smoking meat?

The art of barbecuing involves a series of trials and errors.  This is also true for any cook trying out a new recipe. After choosing the best cut of meat and sauces, the most important step lies on the barbecue. Despite the many varying opinions, many punters prefer using red jam wood. Keep in mind that smoking meat requires low heat and slow burns.

The type of meat you want to smoke determines the wood to use. Pork requires a hardwood while chicken requires lighter hardwoods. This selection is due to temperature control which plays a big part in making the perfectly smoked slice. For wood, the amount of heat emitted is dependent on many factors, some of which are inherent to the type of wood.

By checking the duration at which a type of wood burns, one can determine its heat emission. Red Jam wood burns slowly, giving adequate heat emission. It also offers room for temperature control while smoking. This wood goes well with fish, chicken and pork. Clearly, it is one of the best woods for both heavy and light meat.

Hosting a barbecue can dig deep into your pockets. Red Jam wood offers a good economic option for someone who wants to save on costs. This wood is affordable and has a long combustion rate. The latter quality means smoking meat requires less refuelling for the pit. A few logs will last a long time.

One of the most important qualities that differentiate a good slice of smoked meat from a bad one is the quality of the smoke. Many beginners look for heavy, strong smoke when it comes to smoking their meat. This is based on the assumption that if a little smoke makes meat taste delicious, then a lot of smoke would make it taste amazing. Unfortunately, smoking is a case of less means more. Red Jam wood has subtle smoke that is guaranteed to give a tasty slice.

Smoke does add flavour to meat, but it influences colour too. Mesquite packs an intense flavour while Hickory can give a bitter flavour to the meat when used in excess. Choosing the right wood for the right flavour may be difficult. Red Jam offers the safest and best choice. It imparts a subtle sweet smoke and flavour to food. Although it doesn’t compliment red meats that much, it enhances sweet flavours in chicken, fish and pork.

At Ample Firewood, we agree that smoking meat can be hard, but you can never go wrong with our Red Jam. So grab your firewood bag and get the best wood for your fires.

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