The key to maximising profit in any business is to be efficient in how you use supplies. That’s probably why tree loppers sell by-products such as kindling and firewood. If you’re unfamiliar with the cheap firewood Sydney scene, tree loppers are a popular source.

Tree loppers are professionals that you hire to get rid of offending foliage and tree life. If your neighbourhood tree gets too big and you need it chopped down, you call in a tree lopper.

Tree lopper services are necessary for many different situations. Maybe the tree is shedding leaves too frequently, and it’s raising the bill on your pool filter. Or maybe you’re tired of constantly raking fallen leaves.

Sometimes, the damage is more serious. It could be that the root system has started to destroy pavements and building foundations. Or maybe large mature branches are destroying gutters and roofing … or giving unwanted access to your teenager’s bedroom.

Tree loppers are also popular at construction sites. They help to clear the land and prepare it for building projects. They get rid of bushes and undergrowth, eliminating tree stumps and root systems so that the bulldozers have an easier task.

When tree loppers are at work, they use chainsaws and power tools to either prune the trees or chop them down altogether. They end up with lots of random wood chunks and splints which they then resell as firewood.

In essence, wood loppers get this waste wood for free. If anything, they are paid to collect it, so they can sell it off on the cheap and make a handsome profit. The average customer wouldn’t mind where the wood came from as long as the price is pocket-friendly.

So you might wonder what we have against this cheap wood. Nothing really, at least not in principle. But given our 23 years in this business, we take a more practical approach to firewood. For one thing, tree lopping is a business driven by demand. It’s unpredictable and unsustainable.

If we relied on tree loppers as a source of wood, there would be many times when no one had ordered their trees to be chopped down, and so there would be no supply to buy. Another factor is we have no control over the kinds of trees that customers want to be lopped. It could be a mature oak tree or a tiny evergreen. This means the amount of wood received from each project is unmeasurable, making it impossible to plan.

The third and most important factor is that the quality of tree lopping by-product is impossible to control. We might get an old, rickety, termite-infested load or a young, green log that is too moist to burn well. We might get wispy softwoods or flaky bark and heavy logs. There’s no way to maintain log standards.

For these reasons, we prefer to stick to high-quality hardwood suppliers that always have adequate quantities of hardwood logs and charcoal. When you buy bagged firewood from us, you are assured of good quality wood for your fire, and you know that it’s available whenever you want it. So call us today on 1800 677 918 for your guaranteed delivery of long-burning, smoke-free firewood.