Ironbark is the common name that has been given to a number of species in the Eucalyptus group. These trees generally have a dark, deeply furrowed bark. Rather than being shed annually as many other species of Eucalyptus do, the dead bark actually accumulates on the tree forming fissures. After drying out this dead bark becomes impregnated with KINO, which is a dark red tree sap that has been exuded by the tree. This bark becomes resistant to fire and heat and will protect the living tissues within the trunk of the tree – and its branches – from a fire.

In case of extreme fire such as a bush fire, where all the leaves and shoots have been burnt away, the protective bark aids the tree by protecting the buds inside that will allow the tree to reshoot -or re-grow.

Ample Firewood stock and sell ONLY premium vintage Queensland ironbark and double split Queensland ironbark. Vintage hardwood has a moisture content of 15-20% and is recommended highly for use in combustion heaters, wood fired ovens, pizza ovens and open fireplaces. Sourced from South West Queensland Ironbark is a high-density wood that has been naturally seasoned – generally over a period of 15 years or more.

All our wood has been cut for your convenience into smaller pieces, to make cooking in your pizza oven a breeze. Our firewood contains just 10% moisture and is great for BBQ smokers, pot belly stoves, open fireplaces, pizza ovens and more.

The team at Ample Firewood pride themselves in supplying only the best high-grade Australian hardwood, we deliver six days a week for your convenience to both commercial and residential properties and can even provide a stacking service at your request. We are located centrally in Sydney and can supply bulk orders and yard-pick up.

We take sourcing of all our firewood very seriously, with all wood sourced from certified and reputable sustainable suppliers. The wood we buy is processed and stored to dry at our Newcastle facility then transported to our smaller depot in Homebush.

We do NOT source wood from tree loppers – it is NOT up to our standards!

We only source and stock good quality sustainably sourced hardwood, we don’t sell softwood.

Our high-grade wood mix consists of Iron Bark firewood, Yellow Bark, Blood Wood and Red Gum. We also stock double split Queensland vintage ironbark and Queensland vintage ironbark firewood.

Ironbark is wood that is also a very high-quality timber, it is quite hard, durable and strong and is the perfect wood for making into archery bows. It’s a very dense wood that burns well, it is also used for railway sleepers, and construction although it is a hard wood to nail and plane.