Winter is coming.  Winter is coming to Australia as you’ve never seen it before. It has been reported that one of the coldest winters in recent history will hit Australia this June, so batten down the hatches, stock up on firewood, and get ready for an arctic tundra in your backyard! Experts argue that there will be snowfall in places that haven’t seen a flake of snow in a very long time… Don’t get caught out by the cold this winter and get ready, stock up on firewood to warm your innards and keep your home toasty warm all wintertime much to the delight of the other inhabitants in your dwelling

It’s a cold one

Australia’s coldest winter on record is coming – according to experts who say that southern Queensland will experience the brunt of cool winter weather. Yes, that’s right – Queensland may not be the sunny state this winter with temperatures expected to drop to an all-time low, plus those temps extending down into NSW. Now is the time to stock up on firewood, so you’re not caught unaware this winter. Keep your family and friends warm and don’t let winter cripple you, sending you into a shivering huddled mess, huddled under blankets, using each other’s bodies for warmth. Get on top of it and make this record-breaking winter a wonderland of fun times around the fireplace while sharing your favourite food and drink with family and friends.

Get prepped now

A small amount of preparation for the winter will go a long way. Winter doesn’t have to be a time stay indoors and isolate yourself from friends and family. With an outdoor and indoor fireplace installed your home, you will stay toasty warm, and you will be able to carry on with your regular daily and nightly deeds, without having to worry about your ears falling off whenever you walk outside.

The imminent fierce winter will require a lot of heat and make a lot of you need a lot of fuel, and a with a lot of fuel comes a lot of firewood. So start stockpiling your firewood (up to the ceiling?!) now because winter is coming and it’s coming for you!

Gathering wood has never been easier in these modern times. All it takes is a phone call to the right people or a few clicks of a mouse button, and you will have a trailer load of firewood delivered your door. With all the hype around one of the coldest winters Australia has ever seen, it might be best to get in early and start stocking up on firewood now. Would you rather be the squirrel with the nuts or the squirrel without? Get on the phone or internet order your firewood so you can keep your family toasty this winter. Don’t get caught out this winter, its time to stock up on firewood to keep the home toasty and inviting.