In the old days, winter was a terrifying time. As much as we don’t get blizzards and snow in Australia, we still get the kind of chills that make us want to turn into bears and hibernate.

Unfortunately, being humans, we have to keep going, even when we’d rather curl up and sleep for three months. And in the old days, that meant looking for a dark, dry cave, gathering twigs, and starting up a fire.

Luckily for modern Australians, you don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to go out in the winter rain, struggling to differentiate hardwoods from softwoods, and wondering where to find dry kindling in the first place.

There’s a much easier way. Simply get in touch with Ample Firewood. You don’t have to think about the type of wood that works best for you because we’ll do it on your behalf. You don’t even have to figure out how many firewood bags you need. You can start with one or two, and as soon as you run out, we’ll top up your supply.

We offer different mixes of pre-packaged firewood for specific needs, and we can advise you on what will work best for you. For example, our 1M3 Queensland product is ideal for camping, while the 1M3 Mix is better for open fireplaces.

If you prefer charcoal, we stock hardwood charcoal in bags of 20kg each. To get your fires started, we have smaller packs of hardwood kindling which we sell in multiples of five. Kindling stocks are limited though, so you’d have to book yours in advance.

If you like to warm up with a good wood-chopping home workout, we have solid chopping blocks for sale. We have built up a solid reputation as the top Sydney firewood supplier, and our customer base includes pizzerias, coffee houses, commercial barbeque specialists, and hotels.

In addition to wood and charcoal, we also offer fire accessories like toolsets, fire screens, lighters, gloves, baskets, hatchets, bellows, and much more. Whatever you need to light and tend a fire, you can get it from us.

The real reason you can trust us for your flaming winter needs is that we are reliable. We have a steady supply of firewood all year round, and our sources are sustainable and certified, so we never run out of wood or use waste from wood loppers.

We can deliver wood straight to your door 7 days a week, so your supply will never run out either. And as long as you have no stairs or ledges, we will stack your wood for you, leaving it in a nice, neat, accessible pile. We charge a nominal fee for stacking, and we limit the stacking distance to 6 metres from the tipping point.

You don’t need to worry about struggling to light our wood. We stack it and cover it in our Homebush depot, so it’s always dry and ready to burn. We’ve been in the firewood business for 23 years, so your warmth and satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call today at 1800 677 918 and let’s get those fires burning.

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